Property Tips 101 - Increasing Light

Published: 29/01/2018

Property Tips 101 - Increasing Light

Welcome to our weekly blog post that we hope will be a source of nuggets of useful information you can use to improve and increase the value of your home!

This week's post is all about natural light -the most sought after feature we find people look for, but also the most difficult to try and create.

  1. Get the trimmers out! - Take a look at any trees, plants or hedges growing around the windows/doors of your house. By trimming these back you can make a huge impact on the light levels inside the property. If you live in a larger property, the hedges and trees further away from your house could be shielding vital sunlight from reaching the windows at all, so its worth investing in feathering the larger the trees in your garden or giving the boundary hedges a haircut.
  2. Change your windows! -  We come across a lot of older properties with dark aluminum surrounds. Replacing these for more modern white UPVC double glazing can help reflect light into the room. An expensive upgrade but one that will help the energy efficiency of your property at the same time! If you can stretch the budget even further then invest in bi-folding doors to the garden or between rooms!
  3. Upgrade your linens - We find that there's a 50/50 split between people who love light bedrooms and those who want their bedrooms to be basement-level dark. If you're in the former category then adding light coloured bed linens, cushions and rugs will help balance out any dark shades in the bedroom. 
  4. Bin the carpet! - Flooring can be transformed into light-friendly reflectors by choosing wooden, ceramic or stone floors with a polished finish which will reflect much more light than carpets. If you prefer to have a carpeted house then stick to light, neutral colours.
  5. If you can't make it, fake it! - Sometimes no amount of trimming, changing windows or minor upgrades can help the situation. Redesigning the lighting of your home can add artificial spots of daylight or the impression that your house is lighter than it actually is! Boost brightness in awkward areas such as corridors, corners and alcoves with lamps, wall lights or recess lighting. Add a dimmer control to make a snug feeling throughout the home on these cold winters evenings.
  6. No more mahogany! - Whilst you may absolutely love that antique mahogany bookcase, lets face it - it's a light sponge. Upgrade your furniture to a lighter shade of wood to encourage more reflection and pay particular attention to blinds and curtains.
  7. Paint, paint, paint! - Along the same lines as the carpets and furniture, repainting your walls white will immediately increase the natural light in your home. The higher the gloss level, the more light reflection. That does not mean use a full gloss paint as you do not want to turn your walls into mirrors, just take one step further up the gloss scale than you normally would!
  8. Mirror, mirror on the wall - Speaking of mirrors, not only will they improve the light levels in your property they will also give the illusion of space and make a smaller room feel an awful lot larger than it actually is.

That's it for this week, hopefully the above will help transform your darker rooms into uplifting light filled wells of the house.

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