Property Tips 101 - Compact Living Hacks

Property Tips 101 - Compact Living Hacks

Welcome to our weekly blog post that we hope will be a source of nuggets of useful information you can use to improve and increase the value of your home!

This week we let you in on some secrets to maximizing limited spaces in your home, whether it be the design or your furnishings!

  1. Paint everything the same colour! - Try painting your walls, skirting boards, and door frames the same colour. Painting them different colours can actually break up the space and emphasise the (small) size of the room!

  1. Create a living wall! - Lacking a garden, or find that the patio isn't quite enough for your green fingers?  There are many DIY ideas to bring the garden inside, such as a large mesh wall attachment to hang pots and plants and all your herbs, ideal for a small flat or Victorian terrace with a small garden.

  1. DIY Storage! - We saw this fantastic idea from to create hanging storage for all your bits and bobs, whether it be make-up, shoes, scarves or stationary.

  1. De-clutter! - Decluttering seems to be the answer for everything but clutter is a constant in small spaces, and the more storage solutions you can find, the cleaner and calmer your rooms will feel. Try a strategy to gain valuable spots to stash essentials: Install small cube or rectangular shelf units for open storage. No doors means no need to gobble up space for opening and closing, and a light installed on the wall keeps the surfaces free for books, glasses, and more.

  1. Change your bed! - Storage beds are one of the most obvious storage hacks for small bedrooms, but they’re also among the best. While every kind of space saving bed will open up space in your bedroom, storage beds can give you as many drawers as a dresser. Whether you use those drawers for storing clothes, files, or your movie collection is entirely up to you!

  1. Embrace mirrors! - Like in our last blog, mirrors can really help a small space. Place them opposite windows to maximise light and the illusion of space.

  1. Fold it up! - Fold away beds, fold away desks, fold away sofas, fold away... you get the point. Most retailers will sell furniture designed for compact living. Try and purchase multi-purpose furniture such as shelving with a fold up desk for your study or a fold away bed/wardrobe.

  1. Nice legs! - Mid-century furniture tends to have small legs which don't create large breaks in the visual plane.

  1. Go transparent! - On the same theme as point 8, going transparent with your furniture will help a small space feel a lot larger. Glass coffee tables, clear plastic chairs, glass bookshelves. You get the idea!

That's it for this week, hopefully the above will help make the smaller spaces of your home feel that little bit bigger.

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